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Arriving in a new home can be a stressful experience for any dog. If they have left a breeder, they will be experiencing separation from their mother and littermates for the very first time. If they have come through foster, they have left a familiar home environment, with all the smells, sounds and people that come with it. And if they have joined you from rescue, this may be their first time away from kennels in many months.

Rescued dogs from overseas have often endured a highly stressful journey to the UK, and depending on their past experiences, living indoors could be a totally new experience. 

Whether you are looking to help your new companion settle during their first days with you, or find yourself dealing with an unexpected behaviour, I am here to support you as you help your dog adapt to their new life. 

If you feel a service not listed here would be more appropriate to you and your dog, please do get in touch. Packages can be adjusted depending on individual requirements.

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Adoption Counselling Behaviour Support

Early Days Support

Set your dog up for success as they settle into their new home. 

Depending on your needs, we may cover the following areas:

  • Housetraining 

  • Sleeping routines

  • Enrichment and play

  • Socialisation with people and other dogs

  • Positive introductions to the lead and harness

  • Separation training: First steps 

Pre-consultation questionnaire

Virtual session/1 hr

Resources and materials sent by email

Complimentary catch up session 
(usually 2 weeks later) 

Email support in the interim 


With pre-adoption service included/ £65


Virtual Sessions


Online sessions work particularly well for dogs that are reactive or anxious in the presence of strangers. They get to remain in a familiar setting, without any of the stressors that can come with the outside world.

I will ask that you complete a questionnaire outlining what you know  of your dog's history, and any information relevant to the area you would like support with, along with some photos of the space your dog spends their time in (indoors and out), and some videos you feel may be relevant. Please do not set your dog up to video a specific behaviour. 

My intention with the packages I offer, is to make them as affordable  as possible to those that feel they need a little guidance on their journey with their dog.


There are a number of behaviours I can help with, however there may be scenarios where I do not feel a virtual support is appropriate, and that a full behaviour consultation would be most suitable. In these cases, I will let you know after receiving your questionnaire, directing you where possible to a suitable behaviour consultant in your area.

Each dog is an individual, and as such the response they may have to training can vary. For long-term results, your dog will need consistency from all members of the family. If multiple members of the family would like to be present, they are encouraged to join the call. 

Happy Hounds Support


A shoulder to lean on as you navigate life with your four-legged friend.

​For many rescued dogs, their past environment is all they have known. 

As they adapt to their new life, they may exhibit behaviours, such as:

  • Separation anxiety 

  • Lead frustration

  • Fearfulness towards dogs or people

  • Noise sensitivity 

  • Hyperactivity 

  • Excessive barking

Whether you have a behaviour concern, or would like help with training techniques, these sessions can be tailored to suit the needs of you and your dog. 

Pre-consultation questionnaire

Management recommendations

Virtual session/60 mins 

Resources and materials sent by email 

Follow up session/ 60 mins
(2 weeks - 1 month later)

Email support in the interim 


Follow up sessions
£38/ hr


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