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The consultation will begin with a telephone conversation in which you can describe to me the behaviour you are finding troubling and I will send a questionnaire to be completed, asking about your dog's history and the current situation. 


We can then plan a time for me to visit you at your home. Once there, I will get to know you and your dog. This gives me the chance to assess your dog and find out more about the problem behaviour you are experiencing. I will then show you techniques to address the problem, going through this with you to ensure you feel comfortable implementing the techniques yourself. Around 2-2.5 hours.

This will be followed by a written report, detailing the behaviour modification plan and training steps to follow. I am available for ongoing phone and email support as you work with your dog to implement this until our


For behaviour cases I will ask that your dog is checked by your vet first, to rule out pain or medical issues as contributing factors. A consultation summary will be sent to your vet. Further details and a referral form can be found here.


We will have a follow up telephone consultation after 4-6 weeks to assess progress.


This can be arranged in person as an additional session if you feel it is necessary. £40/1hr session. 




1:1 Training

A one hour training session for dogs of any age, puppies included.


Prior to the session a phone call will be arranged so that you can tell me a little bit about your dog and the behaviour you are trying to teach. This will ensure you and your dog get the full benefit of the one hour session at your home.

We will look at what motivates your dog and the steps you can take to strengthen your bond, as well as how to communicate in a clear and consistent way. 

Areas we can look at include:

  • Loose lead walking  

  • Focus when out and about 

  • Recall training

  • Basic manners (sit, down, wait)

  • Recall training 

  • Mouthing

  • Not jumping up 

  • Leaving food and other items in the home

  • Teaching a 'settle'

  • Advanced trick training

The first half of this session will take place in your own home, where your dog feels comfortable and this will help with the learning process.


Having practised the techniques and built up confidence, we can then finish the session with some outdoor practice if you feel confident to do so. 

All training is carried out using force-free, reward based techniques. 




Rescue Dog


Rehoming a dog can be an amazing experience, offering a dog a second chance in life. Having worked and lived with many rescues, this is one of my main areas of interest. 

If you have recently rehomed a dog and feel you need advice, please get in touch;  Whether training for basic manners, helping your dog adjust to their new home, or if you find yourself dealing with a behavioural issue you didn't expect, I am happy to talk through the best option for your situation at a discounted rate.  


I also offer an adoption support service, helping you find the most suitable new addition for your family.


It is important that you choose the dog that is best suited to your lifestyle and what you can offer, rather than basing this important decision purely on the dog's looks or their story.


While some behaviours may unfold in time, there are steps that can be taken to ensure you are asking the right questions about temperament and the dog's needs to best prepare in advance and to find the best fit for you.

If you would like support in your search for a four legged friend, please get in touch.

Adoption support comes with post-adoption guidance, for successful integration into your home. 


Supported Dog Walking


If you live with a reactive or nervous dog, walking can be a very stressful event and managing your dog whilst trying to implement new techniques can be difficult at times. 

I offer a supported dog walking service, in which I accompany you during your dog walk to provide assistance or guidance should you need it, and reassurance that there are a second pair of hands available. I am also happy to go through any training techniques you have been working on with your dog. 

In the case of nervous or anxious dogs that benefit from the company of another confident dog during their walks, I am happy to accompany you with Leila, my own dog who is very balanced in temperament and around other dogs, and walks confidently in busy, built up areas.  

Please note that I currently offer all services in South East London, covering: 



East Dulwich

Crofton Park

New Cross


If you live outside these areas travel is possible, please email me to discuss this further.

If you are receiving benefits but need behaviour or training support for your dog, please let me know as discounts are available.


For terms & conditions and information regarding holding your data and data protection, please click below.



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