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Terms & Conditions
I do not work with the following during training sessions or consultations:
Flexi-leads or other types of extending leads
Rolled, prong, chain, spray collars
Slip leads or very short leads
I recommend the use of a harness, which is the most comfortable option for your dog.

Please note that in the eventuality that I feel it is necessary to refer your case on further to another behaviour consultant, no charge will be made.

For behaviour consultations I will ask that your dog is seen by a vet and checked over prior to our meeting, to ensure that pain or illness is not contributing to your dog’s behaviour.

While I am here to support you and your dog overcome the behaviour in question, I do not offer guarantees when it comes to behaviour modification protocols. Each dog is an individual, and many factors can come into play, including genetics and health concerns. Equally, your dog will require time and consistency from their guardians. Long-lasting, compassionate behaviour modification is not a “quick fix”, and patience from every member of the family is essential.

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